Why Should you buy Refurbished Technology?

Contrary to popular belief, the term refurbished is not the same as the term used. The term used refers to a product that has been used and is currently being resold in its current state. The term refurbished on the other hand, means that the same used product has been tested, repaired, cleaned and essentially restituted to close to its original condition (new). 

When shopping for tech products, consumers commonly buying brand new products is their best option. After all, buying new implies having to deal with less issues and also means being warrantied against potential malfunctions. What if we told you that buying refurbished tech products can be just as good - and dare we say even better - than buying new ones? We’ve compiled a list of the ways refurbished technology can be better than new technology and what qualities make a good refurbisher. Here it is:  

  • Get more for less 

Here’s an analogy for you: the moment you drive your brand new car out of the dealer’s lot, it has already lost 30-40% of its value. It’s still the same car, it just became that much cheaper because it technically is not “new” anymore. Refurbished technology products behave similarly. Prices are immediate marked down when they aren’t new. Regardless of how good they still are. If you are a person or company who buys and upgrades their technology often, buying refurbished could save you thousands upon thousands of dollars; spare parts are also much cheaper. If you’re just a person who is shopping for one product and some accessories, you could still save hundreds of dollars. No matter who you are, buying refurbished will result in saving cash one way or another. Most importantly, you are able to afford much higher/better specs on a much lower budget. So if you don’t care about labels, and you understand how to evaluate different refurbishers, you are able to put your limited budget to much better use. Make sure you research the refurbisher you are buying from, and make sure they have the right certifications that enable them to offer you a quality product.

  • Make a difference

Care about the environment? So do we. Each year, the United States alone disposes of over one million electronic devices that end up harming our environment. E-waste has become a major threat to our climate, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As we start to become more conscious of the climate crisis, we start to think more about the “R” words: Reduce, Reuse, Rethink, Recycle. These terms often relate to the way we consume our foods and the materials we are using daily. When it comes to thinking of technology in an environmentally friendly way, the most important “R” word is Refurbish.  

  • Smaller likelihood of malfunction

Purchasing refurbished products from a reputable company means that the products have been tested and any damages fixed. It may even mean that you are less likely to experience malfunction, since even the good parts have been re-tested. Such reputable companies, like the manufacturers, will offer you a warranty and a return policy in case any of the products do fail.

What makes a good refurbisher?

If you are interested in buying refurbished products, here are some qualities for which you will want to look:

  • Full disclosure - A good refurbisher will be transparent with its customers
  • Certified - Refurbishers that are certified by the original manufacturer are more likely to provide good quality products
  • Warranty/Extended - A refurbisher that offers their customers extended warranties (90+ days) is a refurbisher that stands by the quality of their products
  • Return Policy - A return policy of 90+ days is a good one. If the refurbisher accepts their products back, it speaks to the confidence they have in the products they sell

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