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Where Servers Are Reborn

TechMikeNY was founded with a strong commitment to reduce electronic waste. We do this primarily by maximizing the number of units of IT equipment that we refurbish, resell and upcycle, thereby minimizing the number of units that we responsibly recycle.

TechMikeNY gives old IT equipment, refurbished servers and server parts a new life by refurbishing and remarketing them in the secondary market. Refurbished servers represent our largest product category. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality refurbished products at an affordable price. Our proprietary testing procedures enable us to enjoy industry-leading return rates on refurbished server parts, specifically on hard disk drives (HDDs). We believe our refurbishment process is so unique that we consider all our products to be “Remade in Brooklyn”. We use a very detailed checklist to ensure that every unit that goes out the door is fully functional, very clean, in good cosmetic condition, and ready to be installed in a robust working environment.

We specialize in both pre-configured, as well as custom-build servers. We enable companies with smaller IT budgets to afford a robust IT infrastructure without compromising on quality. Last and most important, we take pride in servicing our customers; we go above and beyond to always make sure our customers are 100% satisfied, no matter the cost.

We warranty every product we sell. Our standard warranty is for 180 days, but we do provide extended warranties of up to five years as well.



I just want to say that you people are absolutely ridiculous. Everything I have bought from y'all has been perfectly packed and exactly as described. Your communication and service are unheard of in this day and age. It's quite refreshing. Keep it up!

Shane S. — Harahan, Louisiana


TechMikeNY was awesome! I had made a few mistakes on my order, and rather than just give me what I had originally ordered, a tech reached out to make sure I knew that there was a possible misconfiguration. They were patient with me, and gave me a great price! The product I received was BETTER than what I had ordered, and on top of that they included a branded mask (which I loved!), a powerbank, and a box of Nerds candy. Thank you so much TechMikeNY! I look forward to doing business with you again as soon as I can!

a reviewer on Google Customer Reviews


Simple and efficient ordering process. No hiccups in delivery.

Steven Crocker on Google Customer Reviews


Mike and Stanley were super helpful and proactively reached out multiple times to confirm configuration items and ensure I had all the items needed to get my server setup. Not only were they knowledgeable but went above and beyond to help me be successful.

Chanaka Dooldeniya on Google Customer Reviews


Best customer service and pricing. Quick to ship with excellent packaging. I recommend TechMikeNY for all of your certified refurbished IT equipment needs. Questions - give them a quick call.

a reviewer on Google Customer Reviews


So very helpful made sure that we were getting the correct Ram. There was a specification for our unit we were unaware of and they made sure before shipping that we had the correct item. This was very much appreciated saving time and money.

Jeree Anderson on Google Customer Reviews


I've never had interaction with a company that was as polite, fast to respond to questions and concerns and that truly went out of their way to make the ordering process of my server and parts so darn easy. I'm going to continue using TechMikeNY to buy more systems for my home lab! 10/10 experience and customer service all the way!

a reviewer on Google Customer Reviews


Prompt shipping, excellent CS and good quality parts. I accidentally ordered the 2.5 instead of the 3.5 drives but that was on me and I was able to get an adapter pretty easily.

Marquan Jones on Google Customer Reviews


I actually received the missing server this morning. I guess Fedex had forgotten one box somewhere. All is good, thank you very much again, definitely appreciate the little presents in the box too! You guys rock! I’ll be sure to recommend your store.

Dany P. — Saguenay, Quebec


TechMikeNY is my go-to place for used server equipment! Every now and then I bid on something on eBay and make "bargain", but after having to upgrade and tweak that bargain with various parts (memories, CPUs, networking) it turns out more costly than just order it from TechMikeNY to start with. And, the funny thing is that those extra parts I need to get my bargains where I need them, I get from TechMikeNY...

a reviewer on Google Customer Reviews


The staff is very friendly and helped with a few purchase questions. Shipping is fast, packed very well and everything has worked great. Repeat customer for a reason.

Corey Maertz on Google Customer Reviews


This was truly a wonderful experience, just working on setting up the server we purchased and all looks perfect. Mike responded to setup questions promptly. Product arrived in pristine condition and the box of Nerds were extremely helpful. We will be looking to use TechMikeNY again! Wished I still lived in NY I would have driven to pick up the server!

a reviewer on Google Customer Reviews


10 out of 10 (i.e., 5 stars just doesn't do the experience justice). I placed 2 orders for different components within a few days of each other. Needed to call/make some minor changes to the first order after placing it. They were able to accommodate my changes AND still get things out the door and shipped on-time as expected. Great prices, great warranties, great components, great services - what's not to love?

a reviewer on Google Customer Reviews


Thank you, love your products, your prices and your great customer service.

Jorge E., Sudbury, MA


Over-the-top in delivery, customer service, and quality. I was not expecting such clean equipment.

a reviewer on Google Customer Reviews


Thank you so much! TechMikeNY has been awesome and I'm super happy with my purchases. You are #1 on my list when looking for equipment :)

Evan H., Zionsville, IN


Great price and very easy to talk to with questions. Products they sent me are in perfect condition.

Roland Cozzolino on Google Customer Reviews


I've ordered from several times. They stand by their products 100%. I had 1 issue with some monitors and had the replacements in hand the next day. What else can you ask for? Thank You!

Justin Crowl on Google Customer Reviews


Fast and affordable! What's not to love! Phone support was A+ !

Douglas Campbell on Google Customer Reviews


TechMikeNY has been absolutely fantastic in assisting us with our video production and rendering servers. Helpful staff, great equipment, excellent support. I am very thankful to have them as our "go-to" server supply vendor. Kudos to your entire team! We'll never do business with anyone beside you again.

CaddisArt Cinematic Marketing


Extremely fast service, arrived in great condition. Customer service assisted me on everything I needed during a phone call when they noticed I'd made an error in my order. Also, upgraded my power supply unsolicited! Best experience I've ever had, I'll definitely use it again.

a reviewer on Google Customer Reviews


Awesome prices! Awesome Turnaround and timing!

Michael Corcoran on Google Customer Reviews


Easy to order from. Server shipped within 2 days of order. Arrived on time and exactly as ordered. Turned out server had an intermittently bad RAM chip. They replaced with another one at no charge and no hassle. Would definitely buy from this place again.

Mike P on Google Customer Reviews


It's the best online tech company I have seen in years. very professionally run. Customer service second to none.

a reviewer on Google Customer Reviews