TechMikeNY Warranty & Return Policy | Computer Parts Warranty


Warranty & Return Policy

Returns – No item may be returned without a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number from our customer service department. Non-defective items can only be returned if they were purchased directly from TechMikeNY. Retail, commercial and government customers must request an RMA within 180 days of receiving order for a full refund of the purchase price.

Warranty – TechMikeNY’s products are warranted against defects in packaging, material and workmanship for 180 days from the original purchase. Defective items will be repaired, replaced, or refunded per customer request and TechMikeNY’s ability to meet the request. The warranty covers all products and product parts, as well as shipping of any replacements within the Continental US. For orders outside of the Continental US, TechMikeNY does not cover the shipping costs of replacement parts.

Extended Warranty – TechMikeNY offers extended warranties for a premium – these include a one-year, a three-year and a five-year warranty. Extended warranties are available for all server configurations. Please see important warranty terms and conditions below:
– Extended warranties only cover replacement parts’ shipping costs for purchases made within the Continental US.
– Extended warranties cover all server products and product parts.
– Customer support is available for servers with extended warranties, at no additional cost. Our reps are available to help 9:00am through 5:00pm EST on business days (The server serial number is needed for our reps to pull warranty information).
– Return shipping is 100% covered by TechMikeNY’s extended warranty for customers within the Continental US.
– Warranties do not cover damages to our parts and systems that are the result of negligence or misuse by the owner.
– TechMikeNY reserves the right to repair or replace the part or product, using parts or products that are the same or equivalent in performance and reliability as the original.

“Specialty Equipment” and “Collectable Equipment” Returns – All returns of Equipment TechMikeNY labels “Specialty Equipment” or “Collectable Equipment” will be available at no cost to the buyer through the use of an TechMikeNY supplied preprinted shipping label.