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We often get questions from our customers, especially those that are planning to utilize their server as a personal lab or run out of a home, "How much will this server impact my electricity bill?" Or, "How hot will the server get?" "What about loudness?"
We took some of our most popular servers and measured their performance in energy consumption, heat output, and sound level. We took the guesswork out of it by showing the servers' performance their comparison to everyday, relatable things.

We also measured the servers' performance in Peak and Idle performance.While a device will won't always be Idle or Peak, you can use these guides to make the most informed decision depending on your anticipated usage.

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How Much Will This Server Cost Me?

We frequently get asked by customers, "How much will this server cost me electricity-wise?" We measured the Kilowatts Per Hour on our popular servers and calculated it against the average electricity cost in the United States. (If you live in an area with a price of electricity outside of the national average, you can calculate your cost by multiplying the kWh times the rate listed on your electricity bill.)

Server cost 1 Server cost 2
How Hot Will My Server Get?

For customers who plan to have their server in a small space, one consideration is, "How hot will this server get?" We measured the BTU (British Thermal Unit) of some of our most popular servers and provided a comparison to some everyday appliances. If you want to read some tips and tricks for keeping a server — or any computer for that matter — cool, you can read our blog post, "Hot Tips for Keeping Your Server Cool."

Server temp 1 Server temp 2
How Loud Will My Server Be?

It is essential to consider if you plan on keeping your server in or near a living space. We took the guesswork out of it and recorded the noise levels in dB (decibels), measuring some of our most popular servers, and compared them to noise levels of things you probably hear daily.

Server sound 1 Server sound 2