Server Noise Level

One question we get asked a lot by customers shopping for a server is "How Noisy Will My Server Be?"

It is especially important to take this under consideration if you plan on keeping your server in or near a living space. We took the guess work out of this and recorded the noise levels in dB (decibels) comparing Dell vs HP ProLiant servers and compared them to noise levels of things you probably hear on a daily basis.

Dell Server Noise Comparison

Dell server noise levels

HP Proliant and supermicro Noise Comparison

HP ProLiant server noise levels

Server Power Consumption and Cost

It's important to consider how much power a server will consume. This helps you plan for what power you need to have available and how much are you going to spend on that power over the span of a year.

Annual Power consumption & cost for dell Servers

Dell server power costs

Annual Power consumption & cost for HP SERvers

HP ProLiant server power costs