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Timelapse ASMR: Watch Us (Re)Build Servers From Scratch

Timelapse ASMR: Watch Us (Re)Build Servers From Scratch


As you might have guessed, configuring enterprise-grade servers takes some serious attention and care. After sourcing the right combination of compatible processors, RAM sticks, RAID controllers, drive bays, you name it, our expert technicians put meticulous work and a whole lot of love into each and every unique server we send out.

Don't just take our word for it. Take a peek behind-the-scenes at our server-building process to see just what it takes to get a TechMikeNY server ready for action.

1. All The Bays

One lucky R740XD got tricked out with a mid-bay, flex bay and enough breathing room for massive 4Kn block size drives. This build only has one 18-core 3Ghz processor, but with 2 procs, you're looking at up to 56 cores. (For you Virtual Machine nerds, that's 112 threads, or virtual CPUs.)


2. Ryzen Time

Now that we’ve got some Dell AMD servers on our hands, we get to put things together like this Dell PowerEdge R6415 with 6.8TB of raw storage. Hats off to expert server builder Daniel, who’s built over 3,000 servers since he joined the team at TechMikeNY. (Or, in this case, hat’s.. on?)


3. One Thousand, Five Hundred Gigabytes of Memory

This server mammoth is equipped with 1.5 TERABYTES of DDR4 memory. Maybe it's just us, but there’s really something so satisfying about watching all those sticks of RAM line up.


Celebrity Configs
Love your config so much that you want to name it after yourself? Easy. Once you’ve put together your build, just type a name for it in the box, and all future TechMikeNY customers will know exactly who invented your beautiful creation.

4. Smooth Sailing

Check out how we got this 16-core, 64GB RAM Dell PowerEdge R640 ready for rails. And before you ask, no, TechMike is not an official ULine glove partner. Yet.


5. In a Sea of PowerEdges…

What’s this? An HP server? Yes, yes it is. This custom build is a 10th generation HP DL360 with 4 bays, 64GB 2666Mhz RAM, a P408i-A SR controller, and Platinum 8153 16 core CPUs. In the words of Instagrammer @evertonkernel, "🔥🔥🔥🔥".


6. Been Around the Block


Back in the day, we used to build some very pretty R720s.
And once upon a time, R610s. We’ve been in the game long enough to develop our very own testing procedures, resulting in industry-leading return rates on parts like HDDs (including new from OEM). How's that for quality control?


7. Locked & Loaded

The piece de resistance - this fully loaded R730xd rocks 12 x 10TB drives for a head-spinning 120TB of storage. Ideal for backups or storing all the media humanity has ever created. 😜


Feeling inspired? Good thing there’s a whole slew of rack-ready builds right where these came from. Browse TechMikeNY’s massive inventory of Dell servers, HP servers, and more machines - fully customized to your specs and built to last.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy!
Our experts are standing by. (Poetic, right?) Get a free consultation via email at
info@techmikeny.com or over the phone at (718)-635-9880.

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