• Server Guide

    1. Server Noise Level One question we get asked a lot by customers shopping for a server is "How Noisy Will My Server Be?". It is especially import...
  • Upgrading a Server: What to Know

    Server hardware is a significant investment for any business. Maintaining it and maximizing its potential helps a business stay competitive, especially when purchasing new hardware isn’t an option. In this case, a server hardware upgrade can help keep a server relevant.
  • Selecting a server: Six assessments

    Servers have transformed the way small businesses operate. As prices are on the decline and the level of efficiency is improving, now seems like an optimal time to begin using a server in your business. Only, you don’t know which to choose. Deciding on a server can be a daunting task--from wrapping your head around the jargon to understanding your options to finally making the right choice. But it doesn’t have to be.