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You could flash the idrac down to a very old version, and I think it’s possible then on 14th gen. However, I haven’t done it myself.

— Karl Henselin

Thanks for your comment, Steve. Haven’t tested any of those out before, but the more solutions the merrier — would you mind sharing the scripts you found?

— TechMike

There are also scripts available for this that can run all these commands and set fan speeds based on an available temperature reading and be run via a cron command at minute, five minute, etc intervals.

— Steve

Bought Kingston 3200 ECC ram to build a server on a Asus Crosshair Hero VIII. Would you recommend this route? Just want an outside opinion before going forward as this is my first Server build. Thanks for your knowledge it’s much appreciated. Happy Holidays 😎

— Ron Greenwald

Thanks, Zach!

— TechMike

Nice basic virtualization primer. Thank you!

— Zach