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Hi Paul. Thanks for reaching out. We are still perfecting our design on these, and will be sure to let you know as soon as they are ready. Sorry for the wait but stay please tuned!

— TechMike

Hey Mike,

In Ny,

Do you sell those blue clips for raid card on the funky raid design PE720 Dell server?

How much if you do. Let me know if you can sell those to us.



— Paul

Thanks for reaching out, Dr. Manweiler, and great question. Unfortunately, OS Support and options for COAX DVR cards are very minimal. That said, there are several analog camera to IP camera converters on the market. A couple of caveats to keep in mind: some of the universal ones don’t work as well across all models, and if you can find one specifically made by the manufacturer of the analog camera you already have, go with that. Also, these converters can be expensive – you may have to do a cost-benefit analysis to see if the cost of the converters exceeds the cost of just buying a new round of digital cameras. I would start with a Google search, “convert analog camera to IP camera.” A couple of product options and literature look like a good place to start. Thanks again, and we hope this helps!

— TechMike

Hi Michael. Thanks for the comment below and the feedback on the storage needed. If you increase the drives on our build to 1 TB, as you suggest, that will give you a total of 10 TB (for only an additional $5 per drive as of this writing). You could even add 2TB SAS drives – although the price is a big jump. If more storage is required, we have the R720, R730 servers with 8 to 12 3.5" drive bays where we can install 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 10TB drives. The WD storage calculator is a great tool. Thanks for sharing.
As for WD Purple Drives, yes, they are specifically designed for surveillance storage. We don’t usually get them in our refurbishing pipeline, so we recommended SAS (Enterprise) drives as they are built for very high read & write thresholds. (PS, our return rate on hard drives is <1%). Thanks again for this comment – feedback like this helps us make our blog an excellent resource for our customers!

— TechMike

Interesting configuration although the issue that I have trouble dealing with is that I have a good number (10) of old style analog (coax) cameras which work great but for a configuration such as you have put together to work for me I would have to have some type of interface that would accept at least 10 of these hard wired cameras but still provide the capability to allow me to have 8 (currently) IP cameras. Note that almost all of my cameras are at least 2k and most are 4k.

Any thoughts on hardware that can be added to the server you spec’ed out above that could also handle analog cameras?



— Jerry W. Manweiler, Ph.D.

6TB is nothing. Most of my NDR need at least 10TB for 8 cameras. Also, if you want to work right, I suggest using WD Purple Hard Drives. https://www.westerndigital.com/products/internal-drives/wd-purple-sata-hdd#calculator this page has Calculator Storage link on the page.

— Michael Takacs

Hey Angelo,

The low profile heatinks are really intended for use with the 4x mid bay drive cage. They won’t really help to get more air back to the rear flexbay SSDs. Just make sure the air flow is not blocked in the front or back of the server. The chassis fans will provide cooling to the entire chassis. You could try removing the air shroud and monitor the CPU and SSD temperatures to see if that makes any difference. However, we prefer keeping the servers as Dell engineered them.

— TechMike

I have an r730XD and I have 2 low profile heat sinks to allow more air to go to my back ssd’s and pcie’s, is any modification of the air shroud necessary ? I can sit the air shroud in the chassis with the new low profile heatsinks as the plastic touches them before I can even seat the shroud all the way !
Thank you

— Angelo

Hi Bob. Thanks for the comment. We read the guidance on VMWare’s site, and it looks like, just as you said, future versions of ESXi will lose the SD media boot functionality. Thanks for the heads-up and sharing your YouTube channel – it looks like a wealth of info. We’ve subscribed! Thanks again!

— TechMike


You may wish to note that VMWare has publically said it will no longer support SD media (or USB) to boot VMware ESXi in the future.


P.S. We review Vmware and used servers on our Youtune channel. Search BOB PELLERIN or CTOBOB.

— Bob Pellerin

Hi Jared,

Usually Dell and HP servers and parts are proprietary to their chassis.

Even if you find a chassis that is large enough to hold the motherboard, to 100% secure your motherboard in your system, the chassis would have to be from one of the manufacturers.

Parts lists can be found on Dell and HP websites and searching for a server of the same model.

— TechMike

I have a Dell poweredge m905 quad cpu motherboard, is there a Dell tower chasis that is compatible? I have also aquired an HP Z800 motherboard and i cant seem to locate a complete parts list as I am trying to design and manufacture a completely custom chasis and finding not only a complete parts list, but also the dimensions of said parts as I will be using a 3D printer for most of the manufacturing of the chasis.

— Jared

Hi Jared. Thanks for reaching out. The PE M905 is a Blade server. From our experience with Blade servers, the system board is a different design with different dimensions from rack server boards. It would almost certainly not fit. Sorry!

— TechMike

Any way I could install the Dell poweredge m905 into the chassis of an r620

— Jared