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Software From TechMikeNY. What Software Options Are Available?

In this blog post, we’ll provide a background on what software options are available on our pre-configured server models at TechMikeNY and the software options you can select from our Configure-to-Order servers. 

On our pre-configured servers, several possible options are available which you can check on the specifications of the listing:

  • If the description states software: No Software then no software is installed
  • If the description states Software: ESXi 6.7, then ESXi is installed. NOTE: This is a free version that does NOT include support. You may obtain a support contract through VMWare.
  • If the description states Software: CentOS 7, then that open-source OS will be pre-installed.
  • If the description states Software: Ubuntu 16 LTS, then that open-source OS is installed on the server. 
  • If the description states Software: Windows Server 2016 Evaluation Edition, then a 180-day evaluation edition is installed on the first two hard drives, typically in a mirrored, RAID 1 configuration. You will need to purchase a full license after the evaluation period has expired.
  • If the description states Software: Windows Server 2016 Standard, then the full OEM version of Windows Server 2016 is installed on the first two hard drives in a mirrored, RAID 1 configuration and provided with an Original Microsoft DVD and Certificate of Authenticity (COA) Sticker containing the license key.

Be sure to check the Software field when in the specs of our pre-configured server listings.

If you are looking for a specific pre-installed software application, from the TechMikeNY homepage, click on Products then the Servers tile and use the filtering tools on the left to select from our available servers that come with pre-installed software. 

You can also filter all pre-configured servers by whatever software installation options you are looking for.

In addition to our pre-configured servers, don’t forget TechMikeNY specializes in Configure-to-Order servers, where you can select what software you’d like our Server Builders to install for you.  

Note the vast options for Microsoft Server 2016 and 2019 Editions. Microsoft licenses those applications by cores (instead of by device): a minimum of 8 core licenses are required for each physical processor, and a minimum of 16 core licenses are required for each server. So be sure to license your server in the Configure-to-Order menu adequately when including MS Server in your Configure-to-Order build.   

The vast majority of Windows Server options are due to the licensing requirements by Microsoft – license by Core not Device!

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