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Dell’s Quick Sync Bezel for 13th Gen Servers. What is it, and What Can You Do with It?


These days, you can do virtually anything on your phone – online shopping, book trips, even climate control your home and bank securely.  Then why not have the capability to configure a server through a mobile app and NFC (“Near Field Communications”) functionality? 

In their 13th Gen server line, Dell introduced such a concept with their iDRAC Quick Sync NFC Bezel.  This tool allows you to access Dell’s iDRAC through a smartphone app.  Through the app, you have virtually all of the functionality of iDRAC at your fingertips. 

Quick Sync Summary, Set-Up, and Points to Consider

The central concept behind Quick Sync was to offer customers the option to ditch their data center crash cart and create a more efficient and secure way to configure and monitor Dell servers from a mobile app.  Once you set up the device on Quick Sync, you can perform virtually all of the main functions of iDRAC: view the server components, firmware status, health status, warranty info as well as network settings, to name a few.  You can also have multiple devices set up in the app.  

To set up Quick Sync:

  • Make sure your server bezel has Quick Sync. The bezel should have a Quick Sync logo on the front of the bezel, pictured below. 
  • You’ll need to make sure your phone has NFC capability. Almost all modern smartphone models now do, but you can follow these helpful instructions here to confirm.
  • Install the Dell OpenManage Mobile app. Here is a link for iOS; here for Android
  • Enable Quick Sync on the bezel.
    • Press the Quick Sync button on the bezel’s front, and open the OpenManage app.
    • Then touch the phone to the front of the bezel to sync the server with the app. You can read more detailed instructions from Dell here

When you see the server listed on the app, you know you are up and running.

The iDRAC Quick Sync logo and panel.  This panel is where you would touch your smartphone to sync.

TECH FOOTNOTE: Dell 13th Gen servers (RX30) can run the original incarnation of the Quick Sync tool.  Dell 14th Gen servers (RX40) run Quick Sync 2.  Quick Sync 2 offers more functionality than the previous version, specifically more wireless connectivity options, and other added features.  You can read Dell’s Technical White Paper on Quick Sync 2 here.


Final Thoughts

If being able to monitor and manage your server(s) through a mobile device is important to you and you have a 13th or 14th Gen Dell server, Quick Sync is worth checking out.  Remember to follow the steps above. 

And if you have any other questions on Quick Sync or feel we missed something here, never hesitate to email us at or leave a comment below!  We will answer!

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