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How to Reseat RAM in a Dell PowerEdge Server

In today's installment of TechTalk (get it, installment?), we're showing you how to reseat RAM. Note that newer RAM modules are not compatible with older servers; make sure to check the RAM compatibility with your server, as the notch will be in a different location and will not sit in the memory lane.

  1. When you first open the server, you’ll notice that you can only see half of the clips. That’s because the rest are hidden underneath the air shroud.

    Air Shroud
  2. To remove the air shroud, pull from the blue touch points on both sides of the server. Notice that dell servers have blue points that show where you can touch to remove a component.

    touch points blue

  3. After doing so, you will see the other side of the RAM clips. To remove the RAM module, press down on the clips on both sides of the memory lane. Once you see the ram pop up after pushing down, you'll know that you've uninstalled it correctly.

    RAM popping up

  4. There is a notch on the RAM module and a notch in the memory lane. You can only install RAM one way. Check the orientation of the module by lining up the notches on the module and lane. (If you try to install the RAM the wrong way. it will not go in all the way until you fix the orientation.)

    RAM Notch on Module and Memory Lane

  5. Press the module down until you hear a click.

  6. Reseat the air shroud, and you’re all done!


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