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How to Configure a BOSS Card: Setting Up RAID

How to Configure a BOSS Card: Setting Up RAID

If you don't have fault tolerance for your OS and your drive worky. As in, the magic smoke has leaked out. As in, your device won't boot. Enter: the BOSS card. Setting up a RAID 1 array on a BOSS card can provide data redundancy and fault tolerance for the OS. So here's how you do it.


Creating a RAID 1 Array in the F2 Menu

1. To begin setup, boot into the F2 Menu and head to Device Settings.

Boss Card RAID Tutorial 1

2. From Device Settings, navigate to the Configuration Utility for the BOSS card installed in your system.  

BOSS Card RAID Tutorial 2

3. To begin configuration, select Physical/Virtual Disk Information.

BOSS Card RAID Tutorial 3

From here, you can confirm that the desired drives are showing up in your BOSS card properly.

BOSS Card RAID Tutorial 4

4. Once you've done so, you're ready to create a RAID configuration.
Navigate back to the Main Menu and select, you guessed it, Create Raid Configuration.

BOSS Card RAID Tutorial 6

5. On this screen, you’ll see the option to select your drives. Check the boxes by the 2 drives installed in the BOSS Card, then hit “Next” to continue configuring the RAID. (Note: the standard RAID configuration for a BOSS card is a RAID 1 array.)

BOSS Card RAID Tutorial 7

6. Now, it’s time to create a virtual disk. Here, you can adjust initialization settings and create a name for the drive. (We chose to leave the default Quick Initialization and allowed the drive name to default to the name given by the BOSS Card.)

BOSS Card RAID Tutorial 8

7. At the very bottom of the menu, you’ll find the prompt, “Would you like to create the virtual disk?” Select “Yes”, then either press the [Next] button or hit [Enter] on your keyboard to finish creating the RAID configuration.

BOSS Card RAID Tutorial 9

8. Success! You just created a BOSS card RAID configuration. Press [OK] to be taken to a screen with the name of the new virtual drive.
    BOSS Card RAID Tutorial 10

    BOSS Card RAID Tutorial 11

    To view additional information about the drive, click on the drive or hit [Enter].

    BOSS Card RAID Tutorial 12

    And that's it! You just created a BOSS Card RAID Configuration.

    Remember, having a BOSS card set up is only your first line of defense against data loss. To fully prepare for the Inevitable Crash, make sure you're following the 3-2-1 rule (and taking other important backup precautions). Otherwise, happy data hoarding!

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