Accept Only The Genuine Article! How to Spot the TechMikeNY Imposters on Amazon, eBay, and Anywhere Else


They say impersonation is the highest form of flattery.  At TechMikeNY, we wholeheartedly agree – although we have to make a caveat for instances where on several of our sales channels, like Amazon and eBay, we’ve found other sellers that have nothing to do with us selling “authentic” TechMikeNY servers. 

We take heart in the fact that this phenomenon is likely happening because of our extensive testing, propriety refurbishing techniques, and reputation for quality (or maybe it’s our outstanding customer support!).  But we want to make sure that you – our customer – knows how to ensure you are getting the genuine article of a TechMikeNY refurbished server sold by none other than Yours Truly. 

This post will highlight the places to look to make sure if it says “TechMikeNY,” – it truly is from us. 

Beware of sellers selling TechMikeNY that do not have our official seller’s name 

The largest category of TechMikeNY wannabes we’ve found are sellers on our other channels, such as Amazon and eBay, selling an apparent TechMikeNY brand server.  While these “TechMikeNY” servers may have passed through our hands at some point:

  1. There is no way to know for sure if it was genuinely refurbished by TechMikeNY (and most likely, the seller is simply adding “TechMikeNY” to the listing to ride on our coattails).
  2. Even if another party resells a refurbished TechMikeNY server, we can’t speak to what changes or manner they handled the server while it was in their possession. As such, any warranties or support from TechMikeNY would be void.  Why mess around?!

Here are the official seller designations for our platforms that we sell TechMikeNY servers through:

 UNDER THE HOOD – Every product image on TechMikeNY.com is generated by our Art Department.  We photograph every component and then composite it into a whole image of the server with the service panel raised so you can see its parts in a detailed rendering.  Our server images are so comprehensive and unique – we’ve found them being used by other hardware refurbishers.  Thanks for the flattery, guys! (We think). 



We also maintain “storefronts” on these platforms: Amazon, eBay, and Newegg.  All of the products sold on those storefronts are authentic TechMikeNY. 

Lastly, a sure-fire way to be sure is confirm any communication comes from our domain – techmikeny.com. 

Final Thoughts

We’re proud of the work that we put into our refurbished IT equipment to make sure you, our valued customers, have the best experience possible.  We feel the results speak for themselves when you look at our seller ratings – 100% on eBay, 100% on Amazon, and 4.9 out of 5 on Google Customer Reviews.   If you expect TechMikeNY, we want to make sure you are getting our brand with all of the quality and support you’ve come to trust!

And it goes without saying, thank you for being a TechMikeNY customer! 

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