Installing a storage controller on the R620

The steps below will guide you through the process of installing a storage controller on a Dell PowerEdge R620 server. Still looking for a storage card? We recommend picking up a H710 mini below for your future RAID needs.

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1. Turn off the system, including any attached peripherals, and disconnect the system from the electrical outlet.

2. Open the system.

dell poweredge r620 open chassis

3. Align one end of the card with the card holder on the system board.

dell poweredge r620 raid slot in chassis
dell poweredge r620 placing the raid card

4. Lower the other end of the card and align the holes on the card with the locating posts of the extractors on the system board.

aligning the RAID card in the dell poweredge r620

5. Press the card down at the corners where the circular blue markers are until it is fully seated. When the card is fully seated, the plastic standoff tab snaps over the edge of the holder.

new raid card installation in the dell poweredge r620

6. Make sure the cable connecting the backplane to the motherboard is securely connected. The connector labeled SAS A should be connected to the port labeled A on the backplane.

cable placement in the dell poweredge r620
cables inside the dell poweredge r620 chassis

7. Close the system.

dell poweredge r620 server