Installing a storage controller on the R610

The steps below will guide you through the process of installing a storage controller on a Dell PowerEdge R610 server.

  1. Turn off the system, including any attached peripherals, and disconnect the system from the electrical outlet.
  2. Open the system.
  3. Install the controller card in riser 1 using the guides.
    1. Locate the storage controller guides to the right of expansion card riser 1.
    2. With the storage controller card-edge facing the riser, insert one side of the card into the black card-edge guide.
    3. Bend outward on the blue card-edge guide, lower the card onto the blue card-edge guide, and release the guide.
    4. Slide the storage controller’s card edge connector into the card slot on the riser until the card is fully seated.
  4. Connect the card to the SAS backplane
    1. Connect the SAS data cable connector labelled "SAS_0" to the white SAS_0 connector on the card, and the connector labelled "SAS_1" to the black SAS_1 connector on the card.
    2. Unlatch the fan assembly and lift it out of the chassis to route the SAS cable along the inside of the chassis, underneath the plastic cable retention bracket.
    3. Attach the connector labeled "SAS A" to connector SAS A on the backplane, and attach the connector labeled "SAS B" to connector SAS B on the backplane. i. For PERC H700 the cables are unlabeled, however the “A” connector on the controller must be connected to a matching “A” connector on the backplane.
  5. If this is a battery backed storage controller, install the battery if available.
    1. Connect the battery cable to the connector on the battery.
    2. Locate the battery bay on top of the hard drive bays.
    3. With the cable oriented toward the back, angle the left side of the RAID battery into the left side of the battery bay.
    4. Rotate the right side of the battery down and press into the locked position
    5. Route the battery cable through the right chassis wall.
    6. Connect the battery cable to the battery connector on the storage controller.
  6. Replace the fan assembly and close the latches.
  7. Close the system